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Sunlight and Shadow, Edvy Theme 1: Opposing Forces

So I decided to go ahead and take a shot at Moonlit Water Sunny River's 100 Themes of Ed and Envy over at ffn ( I'm mostly doing an Edvy spin on these, although some will be gen. These're being cross-posted to y!gal (originally on y!gal under username Hibana; put them over here so the people on ffn could read)

Pairing: Edvy
'Verse: 2003 anime
Theme #1: Opposing Forces

Warnings: yaoi, half-brother incest, underage kissing, blood, Envy (he deserves his own warning...), lots of cursing, some violence, kinda dubcon

Something you need to know to understand this piece – the Tria Prima (three primes) are Salt, Mercury, and Sulphur (representing the body, soul, and spirit respectively). Mercury stands for the moon, liquid, the feminine, etc. Sulphur stands for the sun, solid fire, the masculine, etc. Sulphur is a bright yellow (and is flammable; burning sulphur is known as ‘brimstone.’ Yes, the biblical brimstone believed to make up Hell).

Mercury is an incredibly ambiguous element – both highest divinity and the devil, a specific aspect of an alchemy work and the whole thing at once, the prime material and a derivative. It indicates volatility or fluidity. Mercury is a hermaphrodite sometimes depicted as a dragon. Mercury is both the process of transmutation and the final goal. (It’s also highly poisonous, yet was believed at the time to be a medicine, so you could probably say Mercury also represents illusion/ false appearances).

According to Francis Bacon, sulphur and mercury are actually the only two ‘prime materials’ – salt is a compound of them (in Islamic alchemy, there were originally only sulphur and mercury – Paracelsus von Hohenheim added salt). They are exact opposites, yet they have some similarities – both are volatile, for instance, and really there’s only one essential material, of which sulphur and mercury are both aspects. It was originally believed that all metals were composed of mixtures of sulphur and mercury. Different impurities in the sulphur/mercury mixture resulted in different metals. Mixing pure sulphur with pure mercury created gold.


He is sulphur.

Envy’s fists tightened at his side as he watched that brat.

Dante’s little pet... You’d think he was her son, the way she provides for him.

Does that damnable, fucking moron even realize that everything he has is only what she allows him? Only thirteen, and yet the military caters to his every whim... She spoils him fucking rotten, and he’s fucking playing along, letting himself be molded into her perfect little tool.


Envy would almost be tempted to pity him, if Hohenheim’s goddamn bastard child hadn’t stolen his birthright.

But you weren’t born, were you?

Shutupshutupshut up

He came to with his hands on either side of that pipsqueak’s bruised, perfect face, those bright sulphur eyes burning in their sockets. Envy knelt above him, knees and palms digging into the grimy floor of the alleyway.

“Who the fucking hell are you?” the brat snarled, twisting and bucking.

Envy sneered and leaned down, molding himself to the shrimp’s burning heat. He let his tongue trace over the shell of that perfectly formed ear (tastes like fucking salt, go figure) before biting down.

Never before had blood tasted so good. Beyond the salty, metallic taste, he could feel the thrum of the pipsqueak’s soul, practically begging to be taken into him, feed him.

The brat squeaked and writhed before starting to shout again.

“Mercury.” Envy chuckled as he released the ear. He gave it a few licks, gathering every precious drop of blood. “I’m Mercury. Don’t you recognize me, Sulphur?”

“The fuck-?”

Envy’s mouth flowed like quicksilver from the brat’s ear to his mouth, pressing firmly and swallowing those cries, drinking in his breath – his very spirit.


Little human.

The old hag likes to claim we are nothing more than moons to your fucking human suns, pale imitations stealing whatever light we can...

He smirked against the pipsqueak’s – his little brother’s, Hohenheim’s second fucking attempt at fatherhood – fluttering lips. Hands clawed at his back, hot and cold, pulling at his skin-tight top, simultaneously pulling him closer and pushing him away.

She’s wrong, that manipulative cock-sucking hag. You sustain me...

But that only makes you prey, and me the predator.

He bit the brat’s lip hard enough to draw blood and a breathless gasp.

I will consume you, little brother, take your sulphur into my mercury...

And I will be Gold once more.

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