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Sunlight and Shadow, Edvy Theme 1: Opposing Forces

So I decided to go ahead and take a shot at Moonlit Water Sunny River's 100 Themes of Ed and Envy over at ffn ( I'm mostly doing an Edvy spin on these, although some will be gen. These're being cross-posted to y!gal (originally on y!gal under username Hibana; put them over here so the people on ffn could read)

Pairing: Edvy
'Verse: 2003 anime
Theme #1: Opposing Forces

Warnings: yaoi, half-brother incest, underage kissing, blood, Envy (he deserves his own warning...), lots of cursing, some violence, kinda dubcon

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New here!

I'm new to Live Journal, and this is the first thing that caught my eye. I LOVE Ed x Envy. Don't know the rules here, so if you don't want this post, I don't know, delete it or something. 

Curious of the rules at this place, is M rated content banned on here? Cuz I have plenty of fan fictions I've written if you wanna read~



Errr- I'll say that I think I first started reading FMA back when I was 14, but with the recent Brotherhood redoing, I've come back to catch up on the graphic novel. And love it. Even if sad, sad things happened (that I won't mention as for spoilers).

But either way, I'd like to share that I really do think that the graphic novel>the first show, and so far the new series shows promise.

Anyhow, I noticed that this com seemed kind of quiet, so I thought I might drop in and say hi!

I'm not really a writer, but I do really love illustration.

Also, if any other artists out there who are familiar with openCanvas (1.1 online drawing version+hamachi) drop me a pm, so we can sketch together! :D

So, nice to meet you com, I'm Nikki. :9
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