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Ohay com, me again. With art this time.

But I thought I'd post this as a sort of 'hello, com' thing. I don't really do comics very often, and I normally prefer non-con over cliché fluff- but getting to the point, I'll just throw this up here, because we could all do with more Envy/Ed slash.

For those who don't really get my vague, choppy comic style, Ed's reading one of those damned books, Envy slinks in and swipes it, and uses the 101th Way to Get Someone to Fall Into Your Arms, which leads to some poorly drawn snogging. Wuhoo.

That being said, no I don't think I'll go any further with this than just a sketchup, sorry. It was more of a character practice, since I haven't really drawn them for over two years.

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